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Alex provides online singing, songwriting and career coaching. She works with students of all ages and abilities. Alex has been coaching 1-1 and small groups for 15 years, as well as having run her own performing arts school and pop choirs. Alex's students have gone on to perform in West End shows, attend the likes of Sylvia Young, East 15, gain music scholarships and work with major corporations and TV channels on shows and adverts.

Singing Lessons

Alex helps singers to develop their technical skillset, performance and confidence, ​ensuring their ears become attuned to the important details required of a singer. Lessons are tailored to each student helping them to focus on and work towards individual goals. This may include exam, studio and audition preparation, or simply learning a favourite song. 

Songwriting Lessons

Alex supports students throughout the process of songwriting. Lessons can include learning about topline writing (lyrics and melody) and the development of the full song. Alex focuses on providing students with a fresh approach to songwriting and supporting them in creating quality songs.

How a Online lesson works

Online lessons are much the same to those held in person. The only thing you may notice is a slight delay in the video at times. However, don't let this put you off, Alex is experienced in teaching in this way and will guide you through your lesson to ensure it is a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Benefits of Online Lessons

- Study with a teacher from abroad

- Take lessons from anywhere

- Develop your musical ear through singing a'cappella

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